Data Privacy at TuckEat

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What’s your stance on “selling personal information”?

If we would sell your private information to advertising companies (so they could market to you), we would be violating the Consumer Privacy Protection Act, among other laws. TuckEat doesn’t do that. Instead, we pass on this information only to entities involved with us like social network providers, marketing partners, and/or third parties. And even then, only the information that is needed to complete your transaction. For example, we share customers' credit card information with a third-party credit card processing services as well as with restaurants fulfilling orders. We do this to provide our services and operate our business.

What about with the restaurant owners whom you refer us to?

We give you the contact information of over 100 of restaurants to make your food delivery smoother and more enjoyable. Our services include online ordering and delivery. Admittedly, that is considered “sales” under the law. We have some kind of data-sharing relationship with local restaurants and eateries, where we provide your name and contact details to those of our partners that you’ve previously done business with. That’s so that they can communicate directly with you and share their exclusive offers.

Can I opt-out of those “data sales”?

Yes, you could - but it would mean not receiving their information as well as their special discounts and deals. If you decide to opt-out, we’d share your personal information only for operational purposes, such as delivering your order. Note: If you change your mind, we would be unable to help you opt back in.

What happens to previous information that the restaurant received on me?

You’ll keep on receiving their emails - unless you unsubscribe from their services, choosing that prompt in the emails those restaurant partners send you. (You can also email or call them to do so).

How can I opt out of getting TuckEat promotions?

Simply, use the “unsubscribe” instructions in your emails or texts, or change communication preferences in your account settings.

So, do you still use my personal information in any way?

Yes - but only your indirect personal information (or Non-Personally Identifiable Information), as explained in our Privacy Policy. That’s where we market only your indirect information such as the way you access and use our services, including the site from which you came and the site to which you are going when you leave. Also, we track the pages you visit on the platform, the links you click on the platform, whether you open emails or click the links contained in emails that we send, other actions you take on the services, and whether you access the services from multiple devices. You’ll find more details in us.

Privacy Policy

How about my personal information?

We share that only with TuckEat service providers, vendors and similar services to provide and fulfill our service. We may be required to disclose Personally Identifiable Information to law enforcement agencies. Even then, we strike a balance between protecting customer privacy and responding to valid law enforcement requests. Our Privacy Policy explains those instances too.

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