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Eating food and enjoy eating may sound quite similar however it may be perceived differently. We at TuckEat want each of our customers to have an experience where they can confidently say they enjoy eating their meal.

Ordering food can sometimes be quite stressful as it’s a process which involves multiple steps. Right from deciding the restaurant, to picking up the choice of food, then queuing on to the customer care service line for placing the order. The wait does not end here, in fact, a new struggle begins where it takes ages to make the order taker understand the order and finally getting frustrated to find a totally different dish being delivered.

Having said that, to get a perfect dish on the plate definitely requires efforts and this is where the backend comes into play. We at TuckEat are proud to say that we are the backbone which helps a perfectly cooked meal to reach the customer in a perfect condition.

A flawless dining experience is just a click away whether it is from the comfort of your home or a carefully selected restaurant. TuckEat provides you with a listing of more than 100 of food joint which is local to the address specified. TuckEat spoils you with choices of different cuisines, dining experiences and even takeout orders. Our customer care executives hold immense proud working for us, helping customers each day by answering their phone calls and guiding them, so that they can enjoy a perfect meal. All your orders are carefully tracked and responded to in case the need arises. Our state-of-the-art application is very simple to use, where customers can browse through the menus, read customers reviews and finally place orders. We have tie-ups with various coupons site; thus, you can take advantage of vouchers, discounts and special sale events.

TuckEat is here for you so that you can enjoy eating without the anxiety. Whether you’re coming home late, or are running out of ideas to cook a perfect dinner, you can still enjoy a meal without any tension. Let TuckEat handle the meal for you and provide you with a much-deserved staycation

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TuckEat endorses local business by its digital online marketplace thereby helping you order takeout and delivery from your finest local food joints. It’s simple, free and customer-focused.

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